Laser Stretch Mark Removal


Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch marks often appear after gaining weight during pregnancy or puberty. They cannot be prevented with expensive skin care products, because they develop when the existing skin is strained. Laser treatments encourage your body to produce new collagen that naturally revitalizes stretch marks from the inside out.

How Do Laser Stretch Mark Treatments Work?

Dr. Cifelli uses fractional laser light beams that extend deep below the skin's surface to trigger new collagen production. The immune system responds to the laser energy, and the stretch marks are revitalized. Following treatment, stretch marks will naturally get filled in with newly formed cells and eventually fade away without damaging the surrounding skin. Laser stretch mark treatments are safe for all skin types.


What to Expect During Treatment

Each patient's treatment schedule may vary, but three to five sessions are often recommended to achieve optimal results. Patients may experience some slight discomfort during the laser application, but the treatment area can be cooled to provide more comfort upon request. Side effects may include some redness and swelling, but they will quickly fade. Patients can typically resume their normal activities immediately following the treatment without experiencing any downtime.

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