Vein Treatments


Laser/Sclerotherapy Vein Treatments

Bring your favorite skirts and shorts back into your wardrobe, because it's time to start showing off your legs again! You can regain your self-confidence by reducing the appearance of embarrassing leg veins with Dr. Cifelli's Dual Laser/Sclerotherapy vein treatment. ABC can help you love your legs again.

How Do Laser Vein Treatments Work?

Laser treatments can reduce the appearance of spider veins, varicose veins, and reticular veins without damaging the surrounding skin. This revolutionary laser light treatment extends below the skin to target problem veins and blood vessels. As the laser energy constricts blood flow in the area, the veins will gradually fade away.

What to Expect During Laser Treatment

After just one 30-minute session, unsightly leg veins will begin to disappear. Depending on the patient's condition, multiple sessions may be recommended to achieve optimal results. Laser treatments are not considered painful and most patients don't require anesthetic. Side effects include some redness and warmth at the treatment site, but these resolve quickly. Most patients can typically resume their normal activities immediately following the treatment without experiencing any downtime. This treatment is safe for most skin types.

How does Sclerotherapy work?

Spider veins form when the valves inside the veins leak, causing blood to trickle downward instead of up towards the heart. The vessels become enlarged from the extra blood and often appear twisted or bulging. To reverse this, a salt solution is injected into these veins, which causes the vascular walls to collapse and close. The body then reabsorbs these vessels, leading to marked improvement of the vein's appearance.

What to Expect During Leg Vein Treatment

During Sclerotherapy, a very fine needle is used to inject a saline solution into the problematic vein. Brief, mild cramping may be experienced if the vein is particularly large. Depending on the size of the treated area, the treatment can take between 15 to 30 minutes with permanent results.

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