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One focus of modern medicine is to find new ways to implement your body’s extraordinary natural processes in various treatments. With injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your own body at ABC Aesthetics in Morris Plains, New Jersey, Anthony B. Cifelli, MD, can rejuvenate your skin or renew your follicles for a full head of healthy hair. To find out more about the amazing implications of PRP in aesthetic medicine, book your appointment by phone or online today.


What is PRP?

Long used in the treatment of athletic injuries, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is making a big debut in aesthetic medicine. 

The substance itself is made up of several components that you can find in your own blood. In fact, each of the components plays a key role in healing your injuries and controlling damage to your vessels. 

The platelets in PRP are a type of blood cell that aids in clotting after injuries. They help your blood harden and form scabs as a first defense against extensive damage following an injury. 

Plasma, another component of PRP, is the liquid part of your blood in which all of your blood cells are suspended. 

The plasma contains growth factors that also aid in the healing process. They stimulate your tissues to reproduce and repair themselves with or without an apparent injury.

Where does the PRP used in my treatment come from?

One of the advantages of using PRP in your treatment is that your provider derives it from your own blood. This means there’s virtually no chance of an allergic reaction from the substance and you’re unlikely to get side effects related to it. 

To get the PRP for your treatment, the ABC Aesthetics team draws a small amount of your blood. They use a centrifuge, or rotating device, to spin the blood sample around until it separates into defined layers of cell types. They remove the layer that is most concentrated with platelets and plasma to prepare it for your treatment.

How can PRP enhance my appearance?

ABC Aesthetics offers two main types of treatments using PRP. With PRP injections or topical applications, you can:

Treat hair loss

If you’re balding, PRP injections into your scalp may promote new hair growth by repairing the follicles that stopped growing hair. The hair growth that results from PRP injections is completely natural, making it a more desirable option than wigs or toupees for many men and women.

Rejuvenate your skin

PRP is used in tandem with microneedling treatments. After a provider uses a microneedling device to make tiny channels in your skin, they inject or infuse PRP into your skin for quicker healing. This treatment improves the appearance of scars, spots, and even some wrinkles.

Losing the vivacity that your hair or skin once had is hard on your appearance and your self-esteem. To see if PRP injections are appropriate for your aesthetic treatment plan, call ABC Aesthetics or request a consultation online today.