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Without a time machine, there’s little you can do to look like yourself 10, 20, or even 30 years ago. The next best option is to get wrinkle-removal treatments from Anthony B. Cifelli, MD, at ABC Aesthetics in Morris Plains, New Jersey, where you don’t need to undergo surgery or even get injections to see a major improvement. To explore wrinkle-removal treatments in detail, call ABC Aesthetics or book your consultation online today.

Wrinkle Removal Q & A

Why do I have so many wrinkles?

Everyone knows that wrinkles appear with age, but there are many more factors behind their development than meets the eye. You might develop worse or more plentiful wrinkles than other people around the same age because of:

  • Genetics
  • Lots of sun exposure and tanning
  • Smoking or drinking habits
  • Repetitive facial expressions and movements
  • Overwashing your skin

Over time, your skin naturally loses much of its structure as it doesn’t produce collagen and elastin fibers as efficiently as it did during your youth. These protein fibers hold the structure of your skin and the tissues below. 

You can’t change your genetics or stop the process of fat and protein loss in your skin. But you can make some lifestyle changes to minimize the amount of wrinkles that appear on your face, especially while you’re still young or approaching middle age.

How does wrinkle removal work?

ABC Aesthetics offers several options for wrinkle removal, and the team works with you to select the best one for your needs. They are:

TempSure® Envi™ 

TempSure Envi is a radiofrequency device that emits gentle, soothing energy to the deep tissues of your skin. The energy promotes the repair process within your tissues. In just a few treatments, you’ll see a significant reduction or removal of wrinkles and lines on your face, neck, chest, and other areas.

Icon® laser

The Icon® laser by Cynosure® is a versatile light-based treatment that can reduce or remove your wrinkles. After just one treatment, you’ll see fewer wrinkles and lines on your face, with very short recovery time.

CO2 laser skin resurfacing

Carbon dioxide lasers, or CO2 lasers, work well to resurface your skin for a notable reduction in wrinkles and lines. The procedure works by removing the upper layers of skin to reveal a fresh, smoother surface.

How can I optimize the results of my wrinkle-removal treatment?

To enjoy the results of your laser or radiofrequency wrinkle-removal treatments for as long as possible, the ABC Aesthetics team gives you aftercare instructions specific to your treatment type. 

It’s good practice to care for your skin diligently following treatment and going forward to keep it looking young and minimize the need for future procedures. 

If fewer wrinkles and lines are your main aesthetic goal, call ABC Aesthetics or book a wrinkle-removal consultation online today for healthy skin and greater confidence.

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